I recently made my return to not only one of the most haunted castles and locations in Ireland but also where we shot the video for my Top 10 hit single ‘Ghost’ in 2008 with Sigma Productions.

I visited the eerie castle once again with my friend Teresa to join The Spook Troupe team which included our great friend Michael of BenPix Productions and Wexford Paranormal for one of the scariest nights I’ve ever endured.

It was 8pm when we arrived. We were among a crowd of 60 split into 4 different groups. We all gathered in one of the very large rooms where a blazing fire greeted us giving the cold castle a cosy feel.

The first group we were brought off with was led by Michael Benson of Wexford Paranormal and took place in the basement. The guys used The Franks Box to communicate with the spirit world. The Franks Box contacts spirits through the use of radio frequencies. The device was created by Frank Sumption several years ago as a means to further his interest in EVP research.

During this investigation we communicated with Jim. Michael devised a game which involved me. He told the group to ask Jim questions regarding one of the people that was present in the group with an attachment to the castle to see if they could guess that it was in fact me. To my astonishment Jim gave all the correct answers including my name, music related, female and year of association.

Following the basement we headed up to little Harriet’s bedroom. Harriet died tragically when she was 7 years old after plummeting from the castle staircase. The mousy brown haired daughter of one of the Earls of Charleville was sliding playfully down the banister of the grand staircase when she lost her balance and fell to her death on the cold stone below. We read some of Harriet’s favorite stories aloud and sang some nursery rhymes. We experienced a lot of activity in the bedroom. My own personal experiences involved an immense sense of coldness and at one point I felt like my hand was being held.

The next investigation was in The Library with Stella. This time it involved a table and a glass. A few of us gathered around the table placing one finger lightly on the upturned glass and proceeded to ask questions. If the answer to the question was yes the glass would rotate in a circle, if the answer was no the glass would move from one side of the table to the other. We could also ask the spirit to use the writing position with the glass. One of the spirits that came through was Lady Emily. Lady Emily told us that she was Harriett’s sister who she was now reunited with and very happy. Another female spirit came through and told us that she was an old lady when she passed but was very unhappy in life. She told us that she was in love with one of the much younger stable boys who was not aware of her affections for him. It was incredibly sad and I felt a lot of emotion talking with her. When we asked why she had never passed over she told us she was happy in the castle.

Our final investigation took place in the nursery. There was an eerie feeling in the nursery surrounded by the children’s toys which included a large brown teddy bear and a rocking horse. Gillian the medium explained that on this part of our journey she would channel our energies to connect with spirits who could use one of our bodies to communicate through. Personally I found this the most frightening part of the experience. She explained to us that this should not be practiced without guidance at home as there are spirit poachers who could come through if not supervised. One of our group volunteered and it was Harriett who came through this time. She seemed very happy that we were in the castle but a little stroppy.

After each investigation we were given tea, coffee, sandwiches, soup and biscuits which went down a treat.

I left the castle around 4.30am and drove alone to Kilkenny, terrified. I called my friend Teresa on the hands free and chatted to her for the duration of the journey I was that scared. It really was eye opening and an amazing experience I would definitely recommend to others but not for the faint hearted 🙂

Below is a short video by BenPix Productions of the night. October 23rd will see the release of my latest single which will be my first ballad release since ‘Ghost’ tilted ‘You’re Not Here’. Shooting for the video will commence shortly so watch this space,

Ciao for now amigos,

L x