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So I’ve been promising you all this blog for a while, and here it is 🙂 ‘My Festival Picks’.

As we’re in the middle of Festival Season with over 200 Festivals this year in Ireland, I’ve put together some of my favorite festival choices with the help of stylist Jenny Grouse of Ghost Boutique. Photography by the wonderful Michael Kelly.

Make up by MAC

Look 1 – Vintage Inspired Shorts € 23.00, chick summer styled leather jacket € 35.00, Hot Pink Scallp Top € 11.99, chunky heels €25.00
UL3A2396 UL3A2410 UL3A2423 UL3A2430 UL3A2371 UL3A2383

I think this is probably my favorite look of all.
Look 2 – Jumpsuit € 39.99 (with Aztec Blanket Wrap)
UL3A2460 UL3A2481 UL3A2492 UL3A2502 UL3A2490 UL3A2489

Look 3 – Playsuit € 39.99 belt €14.00
UL3A2683 UL3A2688 UL3A2706 UL3A2731

My ‘must have’ is a gem of a find. We all know what it’s like when camping at a festival. You wake up on day two feeling a little grubby and fancy an outfit change. Well fear not, I have just the thing. Festival Trousers!!! These amazing trousers are reversible and look amazing either way. A steel for € 69.99.

UL3A2767 UL3A2776 UL3A2779 UL3A2804