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LUAN PARLE - erica
Hey everyone,

Just a quick little update on my fundit project to let you know that there’s only one week to go!

After spending the past two years recording, mixing & mastering my new album, I made my decision to go the crowdfunding route in order to release it. After funding the cost of making the album myself I realised that as an independent artist it just wouldn’t be possible to continue without the help of crowdfunding and so three weeks ago I launched my project. With a target of €6,500 which will help towards the cost of manufacturing, marketing, PR, website, artwork & video costs as well as covering the costs of the rewards, postage & packaging I am thrilled to tell you that the project is 87% funded thanks to the 130 supporters.

So now there’s just one week left to get it over the line and you can help me with that by pre-ordering the album from the link below and also bagging yourself some other really cool rewards starting at just €10

Just follow the link–new-album

Check out an exclusive 22 second clip from the new album here

Thank you all so much in advance,

Luan x

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Photo credit; Erica Newsome