Hey folks,

So today’s post is all about my beautiful boy Milo….our cockapoo.

When the very lovely Mark Robinson from Pet Projects Ireland asked me would I like to do an interview for his podcast about my beloved pooch, I only jumped at the chance. The podcast is available to listen to here 🙂

I feel I would like to give you a little insight into Milo and how he has brought so much joy to my family…he’s quite the character…

Just over 4 years ago our family dog Toby passed away at a grand age of 19 years…We were all devastated, he was such a major part of our family.

Screenshot (25)

My dad who had suffered a massive stroke was really feeling the loss of Toby and so he mentioned to my mom that he would like a puppy…however my mother who was still suffering the loss of Toby was not into the idea of getting another dog…but… after a lot of persistence from my dad she agreed.

We found Milo who was only just 8 weeks old at Ash Animal Rescue and instantly fell in love with him however there was 8 other families looking to give Milo his forever home.

Eventually we were the lucky chosen family for Milo and so we brought him home to Wicklow. Now I cannot tell you the incredible bond between my dad and Milo but you can see it from the picture below which was taken on Milo’s first day living with the Parles.

dad and milo


Cockapoo’s are a highly intelligent breed and therapy dogs. During the summer months Milo would sit beside my dads wheelchair in the back garden keeping a watchful eye on him. It was amazing to see. When my dad would introduce Milo to people they would say “your dog is gorgeous” to which my dad would respond “he’s Milo, he’s not a dog”. It gave us all a good laugh.

Sadly my dad passed away November 30th last year but I cannot tell you how much joy Milo brought to my dad in his final years. They adored each other…

I have no doubt that Toby and my dad are now together somewhere keeping a watchful eye on each other. Below is a picture of Toby & my dad together when RTE 1’s Nationwide came to visit. You can watch the episode here

Screenshot (28)I would highly recommend cockapoo’s to anybody looking for a family pet. They are non shedding which is good for asthmatics and overall just a big bundle of love.

I feel the angels brought Milo to our family and we are so lucky that he came into our lives.

Much love,

Luan x