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Hey folks,

Just home from a phenomenal weekend at this years Temple Bar Tradfest in Dublin. Cuppa tea in hand I’ll give you a little recap of the events that unfolded and share with you some of the magic we experienced at Temple Bar Tradfest 2017.

Friday night I opened for the wonderful Maria McKee at the phenomenal St Patrick’s Cathedral and what a treat it was to have the opportunity to perform in such breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. I loved every second, the sound was incredible.

Maria of course was sublime and what a lady. Such an honor to share the stage with.


Last night Leslie Dowdall, Mike Hanrahan, Clive Barnes and I played a sold out show at the stunning St Werburgh’s Church to a fabulous audience. After our soundcheck I nipped across the road to treat myself to a bag of Burdock’s famous chips (which were delicious by the way). On my return I spotted a queue the length of the street!!! I couldn’t believe it…It was an amazing feeling and one I will never take for granted. We couldn’t wait to get onstage to perform.

It was an unforgettable night and we were humbled to receive a standing ovation.

Huge thanks to everybody who came out to support live music.

Standing ovation at our sold out gig last night in St Werburgh Church with Leslie Dowdall, Clive Barnes, Mike Hanrahan & myself for @templebartrad #stwerburghs #church #dublin #dublinireland #templebartradfest #lesliedowdall #mikehanrahan #luanparle #clivebarnes

church 1

The team and crew all weekend were so professional and a pleasure to work with. Hats off to everybody involved for making Temple Bar Tradfest such a success.

A very special weekend and one I was thrilled to be a part of.

Into the pj’s now for an early night. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a bickie šŸ™‚

Much love,

Luan x